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The Focus eMagazine Issue 2 is available to download below...

Please read the instructions below before downloading all of the eMagazine issue.

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Instructions For Downloading ezine (Please Read):

Step #1: "Right mouse click" on the download links that you'll find below, for PC users.

Note: If you are using a Mac, just hold down the "Option" key and then click on the link using your mouse or "Option-Click".

In Internet Explorer Choose "Save Target As..." and download the file to your desktop (In Netscape you choose "Save Link As..").

Step #2: Once you select "save target as" or "save link as" a download screen will come up asking you where you want to save the file to on your computer.

Step #3: Save the files to your desktop or another folder you can easily find. Once you have downloaded the files, go to your desktop or the folder you saved it to and double click on the ezine to open it.

Alternative Downloading Option Using WinZip Software:

If you have problems with the normal download links or require a quicker option then you can use the "WinZip file" links below the normal download links. HOWEVER you first MUST have WinZip software on your computer whether you use PC or Mac.

Step #1: You need to get the software and load it on to your computer. Or if you already have it you will know what to do. You can get the latest version of WinZip software from using the links below:

For PCs    ->>>

For Macs  ->>>

Step #2: Once the software is on your computer then simply click on the appropriate "WinZip file..." link. A pop up will appear and ask you to save the file on your computer. Save the files to your desktop or another folder you can easily find.

Step #3: Once you have saved the files, go to your desktop or the folder you saved it to and double click on the ebook file to open it. This is where the WinZip software will ask you to extract files to your computer so you can open and read the ebook files.


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Issue 2 Of Focus Ezine:

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